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P2PSP & Google Summer of Code 2015

May 25, 2015

I am proud to say that this year I will participate as a mentor in one of the three projects of the P2PSP organization that have been selected in Google Summer of Code 2015.

I would like to thank the P2PSP team for giving me the opportunity to work with them in this project. I am sure this will be an amazing experience. Thanks guys!

What is Google Summer of Code (GSoC)?

Google Summer of Code is a program that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source projects. To learn more about the program, you can peruse the Frequently Asked Questions page.

P2PSP (Peer-to-Peer “Straightforward” Protocol)

The P2PSP organization is a nonprofit organization that develops the P2PSP protocol.

The P2PSP is an application layer protocol for the real-time streaming of multimedia content over the Internet, i.e., where the users playback the stream in a synchronized way. It can be used to build a variety of live streaming services that ranges from small hangouts to large IPTV systems. Unlike in the traditional CS (Client/Server) and CDN (Content Delivery Network) based video streaming, P2P peers contribute with their upload bandwidth to the system. For this reason, in general, P2P systems are much more scalable than those based on the client/server architecture.

You can know all details of the protocol in P2PSP protocol.

P2PSP-GUI Project

There already is a working implementation in Python but it does not have any integrated GUI, so the user must run a player separately. The purpose of this project is to use LibVLC (a media framework that embeds the features of VLC into an application) to integrate a peer and a player into a single executable.

Prince Kumar has been the selected student to develop this project (Congrats! :). For more information about the project you can check out his proposal and keep updated with his blog, where he will be publishing his progress during the Google Summer of Code.

The project mentors of this project are: